Quick and Easy Shepherd Costume (with ideas for the rest of the Nativity)

Yesterday I posted how I created a 90 minute Joseph costume.  Today I’ll show you how I made my 9 month old a shepherd costume in less than 45 minutes.

SUPPLIES | Didn’t cost me a thing – I had everything at home!
Two different colored pieces of fabric
Thin Goody hair band (preferably one that compliments your choice of fabric!)
Clear thread for your machine

Refer to the instructions in THIS post underneath the heading JOSEPH’S ROBE.


  • Cut three long pieces of fabric (mine were nearly 6 ft. by four feet) – one the color of your robe, two a complimentary color.  Don’t worry about making them straight or neat.
  • Holding three pieces of fabric, tie a knot at one end.
  • I used my knees to hold the knotted end while I braided the fabric.
  • Knot the end when finished and trim excess/uneven fabric.

Yes I know the picture quality is less than perfect, but give me credit I was using both my hands and both legs in order to take this picture!

Super easy – put the goody headband on your child. :)  I tied a knot in mine so that it fit better on Noah’s head.

Here’s my precious little shepherd boy!  I even found him a lamb in the bottom of the toy box!

And now a full body shot because he’s just that cute!



My Christmas costume making is likely finished for this year (although Elijah wants to know where my Mary costume is . . . ), but you may have some more parts to fill before the big day.  Here are some ideas for the rest of the Nativity gang:

Make the robe as linked above out of white satin.  Add a gold belt or sash and a gold garland halo.

Make the robe as linked above out of light blue fabric.  Make a headpiece for Mary that can be draped over her head like a shawl using a 60″X30″ piece of white or blue fabric.  Hem sides and you’re good to go.


Make the robe as linked above and the tunic from THIS post (under heading JOSEPH’S TUNIC).  I would choose rich, bold complimentary colors out of satin fabric (I’m thinking deep purple, green, red, blue, yellow, gold, silver . . .).  Crowns can be made by using gold poster paper (thick/heavy grade – simple triangular peaks will do) and gluing costume gemstones on (in colors that match your costume).

My friend Mindy made her daughter’s adorable Halloween costumes for the last two years.  In 2010 she was a bunny.  In 2011 she was a puppy.  You could easily adapt her costume directions to make a sheep , donkey, cow, or horse by changing the shapes of your ears and tails and the colors of your fabrics.


Hope you and the kiddos get to enjoy your very own real life Nativity this year!


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Quick and Easy Joseph Costume

Elijah’s been running around the house with an arm rest cover on his head pretending to be Joseph since Sunday.  It’s adorable, but less than functional . . . so we set out to change that today.

Here’s how to make a Joseph costume in less than 90 minutes.  I’m totally serious.  It would have taken even less time if I didn’t have to go rummaging through my fabric box.

SUPPLIES | Didn’t cost me a thing – I had everything at home!
Two different colored pieces of fabric
Thin Goody hair band (preferably one that compliments your choice of fabric!)
Clear thread for your machine


  • Start by laying out a sleeper over your first choice of doubled fabric.  Trace the top of each arm (giving yourself room for a seam).
  • Draw a straight line for the neck opening (slightly below the neck line of the sleeper) that is large enough so your child can pull the robe over their head when finished.
  • Measure desired length for wrist openings (mine was 9″ long).  Draw lines to connect bottom of wrist opening to armpit of sleeper (again leaving room for seam at the armpit).  Arms should look a little like asymmetrical bells.
  • Find the center of the sleeper and make a corresponding mark at the bottom of the fabric.  Measure 12-14 inches on either side and make a line (this will become the hemline of your robe).
  • Connect the far edges of your hem line to the mark at the armpit.  Robe will look a little like a bell.
  • Cut out your newly created robe pattern.
  • Run a seam at the neck and wrist openings to finish the edges.
  • Seam arms and body of the robe.
  • Hem for your child’s height.


  • Lay out your sleeper (with the arms folded in) on your second selection of doubled fabric (fold should be at the top).
  • Measure desired length of tunic on either side of the sleeper body (leaving room for a seam).  Draw a line between side marks at the bottom of your fabric (your hemline).
  • Draw a line down the middle of the front of the tunic.
  • Cut out a scoop for the neck (leaving room for a seam).
  • Cut out your newly created tunic pattern (don’t forget to cut the line in the middle of the front).
  • Run a seam at the neck and front-center sides of tunic to finish the edges.
  • Starting at the bottom of each side of the tunic, seam half-way up (leaving an arm opening).
  • Run a seam for each arm hole to finish the edge.
  • Hem the bottom of the tunic.


  • Using the same color fabric as your tunic, cut out a 30″ square.
  • Hem all sides.
  • Use Goody hairband to hold in place
Voila!  I think my Joseph was getting a little tired of pictures by this point – but here’s the front and back of the finished product.

Because Joseph’s costume was so easy, I couldn’t stop there.  Check back tomorrow for my easy Shepherd costume and ideas if you need to create for other Nativity characters.


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