what i’ve been reading & a piddle story

Someday, when we buy a new car, I will be strongly advocating for the purchase of WeatherTech floor mats.  I don’t know if you’ve seen them advertised on TV, but they look pretty spectacular.  Spill your coffee?  No problem.  Drop an ice cream cone?  Don’t think twice.

If you click here you can see pictures of all the things these mats can protect your car from, but I personally think they forgot one.

This is a picture of me and my dad cleaning out the car from a piddle accident sans aforementioned fabulous mats.  I’ve wanted them in the past . . . but not more than I did today.  I think WeatherTech is missing out on a huge niche market.  Just saying . . .

In other news . . .

Special thanks to Nichelle at Vintage Wanna Bee for letting me guest post my Easy Birthday Banner and the girls at How Did We Meet for featuring the first installment of Mike and I’s love story.

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I’m always always always refilling my bathroom soap dispenser.  We buy the jumbo soft-soap from Costco, but we still run through it pretty quickly.  Love this post from The Hosanna Hill Project on DIY Foaming Soap Refills.  The soap’s still going to run out, but it’s roughly a 1/3 cheaper now ;).

Moms of daughters will benefit from this post at Femina by Rachel Jankovic.  If you like it, check out her book, which was super influential for my personal take on the whole of parenting.

And not to leave out moms of boys. . . my friend Leah recommended this fabulous blog called MOB Society to me.  I subscribed almost immediately and was really inspired by two recent posts Loving the Process and It Matters.

My friend Mindy forwarded me this video on the creative process [as understood by Ira Glass].  Anyone who attempts to live life in the creative lane should watch and be encouraged.

A dear friend of my sister-in-law (who designed keepsake name frames for both our boys) was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  She’s also pregnant with her fourth child.  Her mom posted A Mother’s Prayer for Susie’s Birthday on their family’s blog for her birthday.  Moved to tears . . . and reminded to keep praying for a miracle.

I’ve told you before how much I love Jon Acuff’s blog, but two recent posts have really caught my attention.  Does the world need your dream?  Yes.  And for all you aspiring writers out there How to find your writing voice.

Happy Tuesday!

Loving the Little Years | A book to read by Rachel Jankovic

I am currently in the process of reading Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic for the second time.  That doesn’t happen often in my life (actually almost never), but because this book is on loan from my friend Kara, and because it’s been an absolute game-changer for me in the past couple of weeks, I had to re-read it . . . and blog about it.  Really, it was that good.

Rachel is a stay-at-home-mom to five kids and wrote this book while they were five years old and younger.  That alone should win her some kind of literary accolade.  To have the ability to write a book (under that kind of pressure) about motherhood that gracefully extended encouragement and at the same time offered timely rebuke is absolutely incredible to me and is probably one of the many reasons why I’m reading it for the second time.

I’ve found myself in the middle of a season that I love, but that can also be quite confusing to me.  I have two beautiful boys that I LOVE that I am blessed to be able to stay home with.  I know there are lots of moms who would envy me because of that, and at the same time that I am so happy to be home, there are times I feel frustrated, lost, like a completely different person I don’t know very well, and just a little bit exhausted in every possible way imaginable.  It upsets me that on some days, the latter has more of an effect on my view of mothering than the former.

For me, reading this book was immeasurably encouraging: to keep at mothering; to continue patiently disciplining; to keep my head up and my heart extended when moments in my day become trying, annoying, frustrating, (whatever the current adjective of the day is); to remember that my “job” as being a mom is so much more . . . it is a calling.  But this book also convicted me in some very real areas of my mothering: when I think about  times I discipline because of my own frustration in a situation rather than out of love for my children and the desire to see them grow; when I consider the current balance of caring for my kids versus caring for anything and everything else in my day.  I totally needed the shot in the arm to keep at the good things, and the kick in the pants to root out the bad.

So for what it’s worth, I want to strongly encourage other moms who might be feeling a little like the mom-I-don’t-want-to-be on some days, to grab a copy of Loving the Little Years.  It’s only 100 pages so you could totally read it twice too.

PS – I was also incredibly encouraged by two posts that Rachel wrote for John Piper’s blog: Motherhood is a Calling and Motherhood as a Mission Field.  She also blogs for Femina should you want to read on a more consistent basis :).