what i’ve been reading | nicholas sparks

I did something this summer I haven’t done since grade school.  I joined the summer reading club at the library.  I know it sounds a little lame but it’s given me an excuse to read what I enjoy and I just finished my fourth Nicholas Sparks novel.  You already know I love a good love […]

what i’ve been reading | help for the writer & a momma dreamer update

I just finished reading The Help and was reminded again how deep my dream to write runs.  To have the time and space to craft a meaningful story is something I l-o-n-g for.  I feel like I might have a story forming . . . but it’s going to be lots of slow teetering baby steps […]

what i’ve been reading & a piddle story

Someday, when we buy a new car, I will be strongly advocating for the purchase of WeatherTech floor mats.  I don’t know if you’ve seen them advertised on TV, but they look pretty spectacular.  Spill your coffee?  No problem.  Drop an ice cream cone?  Don’t think twice. If you click here you can see pictures […]

Is anyone still talking about their [New Year’s] resolutions?

It’s somewhat inevitable that after the hype and excitement of the New Year, when our resolutions are juxtaposed with the reality of life, we might get a teensy bit sidetracked from accomplishing our goals.  I’m sure that never happens to you . . . I’m just saying it’s something I might struggle with knee-deep into […]