Copycat Recipe of Portillo’s Chopped Salad

I LOVE Portillo’s Chopped Salad.

Here’s how I came up with my own copycat side salad version for a casual dinner we hosted.

Sweet Italian House Dressing*
July 7, 2006 | Chicago Sun Times | submitted by Dennis Cottini, Glenview

Ingredients and Directions can be found by clicking HERE.

*I cut the olive oil measurement in half for each batch of this salad dressing and tripled the recipe to compliment my copycat Portillo’s Chopped Salad

4 cups cooked Ditalini pasta
3 cups chopped romaine lettuce
3 cups chopped iceberg lettuce
2-1/2 cups chopped red cabbage
2 fresh tomatoes (diced)
1 cup diced green onions
1 cup chopped bacon (I used Turkey Bacon)
4 oz. gorgonzola cheese (you could add up to 8 oz. if you REALLY like gorgonzola)
Sweet Italian Dressing to taste (recipe above)

1.  Cook Ditalini pasta according to package instructions.  Cool and set aside.
2.  Put romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage in a salad spinner to remove excess water.
3.  Combine romaine, iceberg, red cabbage, tomatoes and green onions in large salad bowl.
4.  Cook bacon according to package instructions.
5.  Add cooled pasta, bacon and gorgonzola cheese to salad.
6.  Add dressing (to taste) before serving.  Toss & enjoy!

Makes a great side salad for a hungry 6 :).  Mmmmmm . . .


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