On Pregnancy and Writing a Book

On Pregnancy and Writing a Book

I’ve heard several female authors compare writing a book to having a baby. I used to think that was such a cool analogy-all creative and emotional, touching on such a personally intimate event. Now that I’m smack dab in the middle of both, I have to be honest –  I don’t get it. There’s not a whole […]

Where God’s Story Meets Yours {Stories Monologue 5 & Closing Narration}

MONOLOGUE 5 LILY is bundled back up in her winter attire. Music from the song “Everything Changed” is playing quietly beneath her exit. It looks like it’s cleared up enough for me to get going again. (slings her purse on, and picks up her bag) Thank you . . . for everything. (smiles) I didn’t […]

Modern Day Miracle {Stories Monologue 4 & Everything Changed Live Music}

Song | North Point Community Church “Everything Changed” | Lyrics As WORSHIP TEAM begins to play, lights come up 50% on LILY who is holding a Bible. For the beginning portion of the song, LILY is reading the Christmas story. Her spoken thoughts will begin entwined with the song, and complete after the conclusion of […]

Christmas Past {Stories Monologue 3}

LILY begins as if she is already in conversation with the audience. She is leaning casually against the NATIVITY SET finishing a sandwich recalling Christmas memories from her childhood. Oh, I have such fond memories of Christmas growing up. My parents went out of their way to make the holiday special. We made Christmas cookies, […]

Christmas Present {Stories Monologue 2}

LILY is sitting on one of the benches with a mug in her hand. Her coat and winter things are sitting on the bench beside her. She is again looking off STAGE RIGHT at the snow. She looks down at her watch and then at the audience. No, it still doesn’t look like it’s letting […]

A Midwestern Christmas Storm {Stories Monologue 1}

LILY enters STAGE RIGHT bundled and cold. She stomps her feet as if removing snow from her boots and speaks to the audience. Hi-i-i. (smiles and shivers a little) Wow! I have never seen it snow like this before! (looking back over her shoulder STAGE RIGHT) Nobody’s moving out there, and a lot of them […]

Opening Narration {Stories}

Stories are the fabric of life, weaving us together moment-by-moment, end-to-end, one to another. They are beauty and pain, tragedy and triumph, common and profound wrapped up together in one single tapestry. These stories are ours for the discovering, the living and the sharing. There’s a story that God has told, and is in fact, […]

Stories {Production Notes}

Stories is a series of monologues following LILY’s Christmas Eve, that can be used with additional creative elements to craft an entire Christmas Eve Service. It was originally written to be used in conjunction with The Skit Guys First Christmas video bundle and live music. Monologue Backstory & Action Summary LILY is a single, unattached, successful […]