Sesame Street Cloth Tote

You’ll remember we used these cloth totes for Noah’s Sesame Street party decorations and goodie bags. Today I’m sharing how-to tips to create your own 9″ X 10″ X 3″ (finished) personalized cloth tote for parties or play.
Sesame Street Cloth Tote

Start by picking a themed fabric, two complimentary colored fabrics, and start cutting!

Pieces for Sesame Street Cloth Tote

What you need

  • 2 rectangular cuts of themed fabric, 10″ wide X 11″ high
    Sesame Street pattern in flannel
  • 1 rectangular cut of complimentary fabric, 4″ wide X 32″ long
    Blue polar fleece
  • 2 rectangular cuts of complimentary fabric, 2″ wide X 17″ long
    Blue polar fleece
  • Personalized letter pattern (in the font of your choice), printed on paper, cut, and traced backwards on the wrong side of a second complimentary fabric
    BD Cartoon Shout at 551.71 size font on red polar fleece

How to make it

  • After cutting out all of your pieces, pin fabric together as shown below (remember to pin fabric with the right side facing “in” for the handles and back of the bag), and stitch what you’ve pinned.

Pinned Pieces Sesame Street Cloth Tote

  • Turn handles right side out, and run a seam down the center on the finished side (to make the handles more sturdy).

Sewing Instructions

  • Sew the front of the bag to the back, by pinning the front of the bag (themed fabric with personalized letter) to the back of the bag (blue fleece) remembering to keep the right side of the fabric facing “in”.
  • Turn the top of the finished bag, and seam to finish.
  • Finish the sides of both the front and back of the bag by running a stitch around the right, bottom, and left sides of the outside of the bag.

Attaching handles

  • Sew the finished handles to the front and back of the tote 1-1/2″ from each side

Sesame Street Cloth Totes

  • Stuff with 4 pieces of tissue paper to help it stand, or use as is :)


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