Superhero Party Games and Favors

Last weekend we celebrated Elijah’s fourth birthday with a really fun super simple DIY Superhero party.  You can check out what we did to decorate here.  Today I’ll be sharing about games and favors.


Party Games

Finding party games that work well for the under 4 crowd can be tricky.  Narrow that category down to Superhero games and days before the party I was completely game-less and just a little nervous about the overall success of the party.  Thankfully Michael is a better internet searcher than I.  With a little improvisation on some fabulous game ideas at we tailored four games to fit the theme for our birthday boy and his (4 and under) friends.


All original games and rules can be found at  Modifications we made for the under 4 crowd will be listed below.

1. Kryptonite Relay Race

Search Kryptonite Disposer Race on 

To make this game simple for little ones we divided kids and parents into two teams and had them pass pieces of Kryptonite (tin foil balls spray painted green) from one container into two separate team containers at the end of each line.  Even those under two could participate, and parents playing the game could keep the game moving if it stalled (which inevitably happened).  The team with the most Kryptonite “won.”

2. Find the Villain*

Search the same name on

Even with little boys, I don’t know what villain matches with what superhero, so to help Mom and Dad out I listed what villain they should be helping their child look for on each card.  The emphasis of this game for the littles was to find the cards hidden all over the basement.  Mom and Dad filled in the rest.

3. Angry Villains/Bowling for Villains*

Search Bean Bag Attack on

I took the most artistic license with this game idea.  After attaching pictures of villains to mostly emptied water bottles, I arranged them on a piano bench and play bricks to give an “angry birds” feel to the game.  Kids took turns pitching tennis balls at the water bottles.  You could also arrange these water bottles like bowling pins and use a kick ball to knock them down.  The emphasis with the kids is knocking something down.  They don’t really care much how it happens.

4. X-ray Vision

Search the same name on

This game definitely relies heavily on the help of Mom and Dad, but kids had fun trying to guess what was in each bag.


*  I’m not sure if it’s because I do graphic design work from home or if it’s because I’m just crazy, but it is SO important to me that graphics match.  I found great Spiderman clip art here, and Batman clip art here (villains and all) that were all created in the same format.  All the other superheroes and villains just had to be googled (and therefore did not match well).  *Sigh*  I’m certain I’m the only one who cared.



Instead of party game prizes we opted for themed favors that everyone could take home.  Because we knew so far in advance (since last June!) that Elijah wanted a Superhero party, we were able to collect items when they were available and on sale for the party.


Each child received a Superhero cup (on sale at Walmart last summer) with either an Avengers or Batman activity pack (Target dollar bins – also summer), Spiderman gummies (Walmart now), either Spiderman Grahams or Cheese-its (Target now), and a thank you note from Elijah.  Because Walmart had such a variety of Superhero cups, we were also able to use the favors to compliment our other decorations.


Bottom line.  We had so. much. fun. :)


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