Decorating for a Superhero Party

After the rush of the holidays and the excitement of the new year, we go into full-time party mode (AKA we’ve been super busy).  Last Saturday we celebrated Elijah’s birthday Superhero style.  Today I’ll be highlighting what we did to decorate for the big day for less than $20.


We definitely make use of the entire house during birthday parties, but I try to keep decorations central to the living room/dining room where we welcome guests, eat and open presents.  For Elijah’s Superhero party we focused much of the decorating around our Expedit bookshelves displaying his entire Superhero toy collection along with character masks and party favors.

Decorations copy

Batcave and Gotham City Jail Imaginex playsets featured above.

I found a remnant of Batman fleece at the fabric store for $8 which fit perfectly between the bookshelves as a backdrop to our display.  We hung it from our photo ledge using family picture frames to keep it secure.


Spiderman and Iron Man bags pictured above.

Both tall bookshelves were lined with additional figures (one side for Batman, one for the Avengers) and we used these incredible re-usable bags Mike found at Jewel ($1 each!) to cover some of the cubbies.  With folding chairs lined up in front of the unit, the books and regular contents of our shelves nearly disappeared.


Superhero poster from 5below shown mounted to an existing white board.  Birthday banner letters created in photoshop with alternating Superhero logos and taped above the food table measure approximately 4X5″ each.

I love that so many pieces we used to decorate are still functional post-party.  The Batman backdrop has been turned into a blanket for the boys, character bags will be used when we shop, and of course Elijah is thrilled to have all his toys back from their brief hiatus as party decorations!


UPDATE:  You can find our party decorations featured at The Peanuts Gang and a {day} with lil mama stuart.  So happy to have Sam and her family and Mindy and her family join us for the celebration!


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