Thankful, so thankful

Thankful, so thankful that winter melts into spring,
For tender sunlight and warm breezes,
And the rhythmic reminder of newness and life.

Thankful, so thankful for love true and real,
For good days and bad days,
And the strength we gain from the two.

Thankful, so thankful for two smiling boys,
For sticky hands and happy hearts,
And a life full of the joy only children can bring.

Thankful, so thankful for the nearness of family,
For time shared and memories made,
And that when it matters most, time and distance don’t.

Thankful, so thankful for the warmth of true friends,
For play-mates and coffee dates,
And hearts that leave fuller than they came.

Thankful, so thankful for dreams mine to dream,
For plans made and plans forgotten,
And the excitement of life yet to be lived.

Thankful, so thankful for everyday generosities,
For beauty that rises from ashes,
And new mercies that break with every dawn.

Thankful, so thankful for God’s subtle miracles,
For full life and good health,
And the evidence of His love in my ordinary day.

Thankful.  So thankful.


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