Noah 9 Month Pics | a {day} with lil mama stuart

Mindy came over before Christmas to take Noah’s nine month pics and . . . no surprise here . . . they came out phenomenal!!  Her post today is all about Noah and Elijah so please click HERE to see more of the shoot.

My favorite progression she posted is the change from each shoot.  As a mom you know your baby gets bigger, but it’s amazing to see just how different they are throughout the course of that first year.  We didn’t have the opportunity to do this type of photography with Elijah, but we are absolutely SOLD on doing this for any future kids.

If you’re having a baby soon, I highly recommend talking to Mindy about setting up a {Baby’s} Getting So Big Series for your own little one.  Mindy not only takes incredible pictures, she edits them and then gives you ALL OF THE ORIGINAL DIGITAL COPIES for your own personal use to print and email at will.  If you’ve ever looked into professional photography options, this feature is a huge plus to Mindy’s package!

Gotta love the brothers!

Thanks Mindy for making my little boys look so good! :)  We are so, so grateful . . .


  1. lori says

    Good greif!! Just adorable…love them bunches! Mindy does a great job. Im so glad i got to meet her at the party. Love ya!


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