Family Schedule Board 2.0 & Free Printables

You may remember my guest post on a {day} with lil mama stuart about our family schedule board.  I’ve since expanded our tile collection to include more friends, family, our personal weekly events AND the months, dates, and holidays which I plan to share with YOU!  Keep reading to download your own FREE family schedule board printables!

Let’s revisit the basics:
We use this board to help teach our almost three-year-old about the value of a day.  Since writing the guest post, I have nixed the super specific tiles (i.e. specific activities, playthings, etc.) because we tend to get lost in the tediousness of the details.  Instead we limit our tiles to include big picture ideas of what is going on, where it is happening, who will be involved, and the order in which events will occur.  We still include birthdays and anniversaries and recently introduced the months and holidays.
  • 35”X23” Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Tray & Magnets ($23.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • ¾” Black Electrical Tape (around $2 at Home Depot)
  • Magnetic tape ($5.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Days of the week magnets ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Dry Erase Marker Set with Magnet Holder ($4.49 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Picture Tiles – more on this later (about $2 per 8.5”X11” page at Office Depot)
  • Foam clock ($1 at Target)
  • Coupon Caddy to store picture tiles (had at home)
  • Magnetic clips (had at home)
Total Cost: Approximately $45

To set up the board:
  • Divide the white board into 8 vertical sections with electrical tape.  The first section from the left is 9” wide. Each subsequent section is approximately 3½” wide.
  • Create a daily header with a piece of horizontal electrical tape.  Place day of the week magnets and dates in each day’s header.
  • Fill each day with picture tiles that correspond to the events of your day.  I like to use the left section for my own personal notes :)

To make your own picture tiles d
ownload these **FREE PRINTABLES**:

To create your personal picture tiles, grab your own digital photos or graphics from the web and design them yourself.  Single picture tiles are 1″ square.  Double picture tiles are 1″X2″.  Print, laminate, cut, attach magnetic tape, and start scheduling!
What works for our family may not work for yours, and it may take you some time to figure things out.  Since creating the schedule board, Mike went back to school full-time and started a new job.  To help Elijah understand when Daddy would be at work, at school or at home, we added tiles to correspond to those things.
Other tiles that have become important to Elijah include play-dates, playtime, stores we frequent, and mommy-daddy date night tiles.  It took a little time and a little trial and error but we’ve got a good system for our family that Elijah knows and understands.  Hope this can help your family as much as it has helped mine!


  1. says

    So did you make multiple tiles for each member of your family? (In order to use on different days for different things?) Also, where in your house do you have this to make it easiest to access?

    LOVE this idea and may implement something similar after the holidays!


    • says

      Yes – for our family we did like 10-15 for each of us. For other family members and friends we started out with 2 and then this round some of them got a few more based on how much we used them. We have a smaller house -but we put it in the kitchen so it’s right in the middle of everything (and on the way to Elijah’s bedroom).

      It has been so helpful to us! Glad you liked it!

  2. says

    I spy new Lil Mama Stuart pictures of Noah and Elijah 😉 Your numbers file will be great for all the DIY/mom bloggers making their advent calendars (already!) Can I feature this post sometime this month? :)

  3. kassia says

    To save some money you can buy months and weather and other things like that at the Dollar tree for only $1. They have all kinds of things like that.


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